{nugent, luke}

Luke Nugent is a 17-year-old from Horsham, Pennsylvania. He became interested in photography in 2009, when his photograph  “Walking Ibis” won first place in the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick Photo Contest. Since then, Luke has taken photos throughout the world, in places such as Costa Rica, The Galapágos Islands, Paris, and the Amazon Rainforest. He has had two exhibits at his Unitarian Fellowship, raising over $1,000 for various local charities. In 2012, Luke’s photo “Sunset in Paris” was featured in National Geographic’s Kids magazine. Luke has had a photograph accepted into both the 2013 and 2014 Phillips Mill juried photography exhibition. Two of his photographs were accepted into the Audubon Society of Valley Forge’s juried art exhibition, where his photograph “The Squirrel Monkey” sold for $115. Last winter, three of Luke’s photos were published in Hatboro-Horsham’s “Golden Pen”, a selective journal showcasing student artwork. This year, the “Golden Pen” has accepted one of Luke’s photographs to appear as the cover photo for the journal. Luke also created a successful photography website, lukenugentphotography.webs.com, and plans to pursue photography.


Published Work/s:

l'Arc de Triomphe - Luke Nugent   The Eye - Luke Nugent


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