{mcCoy, sarina}

Sarina McCoy:  When I was eight years old, my three brothers and I were taken from our parents and put into foster care where I stayed until I was adopted at age ten.  Since then I have lived in a family that is helping me to live my dreams.  Still the past is hard.  I look around at other families and wonder why I can’t be with the family that I was born into.  Now I go to a better school, I play competitive volleyball, I hang out with friends, and  I travel to places I never would have seen.  I get to experience the world.  Still, I am aware that my brothers do not have any of these advantages and I feel guilty. Writing has become my way of expressing feelings that are too painful or embarrassing to say out loud in a straight forward way.

Published Work/s:

{The Tower – Sarina McCoy}


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