{madloch, alicja}

Alicja Konstancja Madloch

Alicja Madloch is currently almost 17. Although she’s lived in about seven places, both in Europe and the USA, she’s currently located in Short Hills, New Jersey. Alicja goes to Newark Academy where she’s a junior and enjoys sleeping during math class and writing poetry in black moleskin journals. She’s done her fair bit of exploring and also adores taking pictures, reading, and especially writing. Since she can remember she’s always been a writer, scratching ideas into paper- scripts, poems, short stories, and even wrote a novel last November. Alicja tries to communicate the truth, or at least her perception of it.


Published Work/s:

{About Me – Alicja Madloch}

{What Happens When I See You – Alicja Madloch}

{Speech Like Glitter– Alicja Madloch}

{Not Trying to be Cliché – Alicja Madloch}


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