{wasney, michael}

Michael Wasney is a 17-year-old native to San Francisco, as well as an aspiring writer, musician, photographer, and filmmaker. The culture Michael has been raised in has bled into all facets of his expression. As for photography and writing, these are ways in which Michael engages physically and thoughtfully in the world around him. Each of his creative pursuits give Michael a different perspective on the values that he holds important.

Published Work/s:

Into The World At Large by Michael Wasney

Michael_Wasney-Father_&_Son   Michael_Wasney-Coyote_In_Brush

Michael_Wasney-Horror   Michael_Wasney-Crow_&_The_Moon

Michael_Wasney-San Francisco - The Vessel    Michael_Wasney-Coyote—Curiosity

Michael_Wasney-The_Divide   michael_wasney-city-the-weeds1.jpg


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