{burnett, ayla}

ayla burnettHello there, my name is Ayla Ginger Burnett and I reside in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. I am seventeen years young, and find great joy in the many things that make up this crazy thing we call life. I am a very passionate individual, and my passions include writing (of course), playing my ukulele, traveling, eating, reading, and listening to any type of music I can get my hands on.

Nature has always been a big inspiration for my writing. I find an endless amount of priceless joy in the beauty of the natural world. What better inspiration can you get than from the things that bring you life; the trees giving your lungs oxygen and the sunshine that invigorates those weary winter bones. I guess you could call me a bit of a hippie, or “tree hugger”, as they like to say, because of my love for all things natural.

I want to combine my passions for traveling, the planet and writing into a a career and lifestyle that fulfills my passions. Therefore, I plan to attend the University of Oregon and get a degree in journalism, where I will then go on to become a travel writer. I want to use my voice to educate others about every lost nook and cranny on this earth and hopefully spread as much love and peace as possible. Life is love, remember that. Peace to all.

Published Work/s:

{Quiet by Ayla Burnett}


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