Sestina by Emily Yin

Hungry waves sinking August light, swampy Like eyes divorced from sleep. Girls marking up the margins Of liquid gems, of moist and homegrown pupils. Virgin to domesticity, thighs crumble in dust And sour to buttermilk. Even so, you daren’t plead ennui To the mother-in-law. Sewing up soles with womanly flourish, You spit contumely, wield the […]

Balance by Isabella Ronchetti

Isabella Ronchetti is a half-Italian 13-year-old artist-writer/misanthrope/sesquipedalianist. When she isn’t studying for the umpteenth algebra test, she enjoys photography, drawing, working on her never-ending novel, writing flash fiction and reading (fantasy, classics and dictionaries). She finds her inspiration in dreams, shapes in the cumuli, and peculiar happenings from everyday life. She is a ninth-grader in […]

Passing By by Daniel Kwiatkowski

Richard strolled by the man’s sidewalk home, slowing down, his mind elsewhere, but he never forgot to drop a dollar bill into the coffee stained Dunkin Donuts cup. The men exchanged a nod, revealing the silent comfort between them. For all but that second, these men existed in two different worlds. The man spent his […]

Late Night Studying by Samara Wolpe

Exit here. Exit through the void of your chest. Stutter out your satellite prayers and pray to win these backlit wars. There is a public penalty for weakness, and your ego breathes by the respirator of their approval- exit here. Dredge up from litters of graying cells a fragment of a sentence. Set it down […]

Winter Night by Grace Haselhorst

Through sunken shadows on a winter night A frail bird glides on the wings of the snow Branches, barren, shine in the silver light The moon is dark but the heavens are bright A snake slides out from the firm frost below Through sunken shadows on a winter night The little bird snaps at the […]

The Dreamer at the End of the Maze by Eliana Koehler

Where did it go? I thought it was there, between the green of the leaves, in the mysteries of the shadows, and under the crevices of the bark. There lay a fantasy that I now know is a facade, a dream that will never come true. The naive girl who I once was, thought the […]